Monthly Leasing Conditions


Monthly Lease Rental Term

A monthly lease is a rental of 28 days. Customers who require a car for more than one month can indicate this using the duration dropdown on the booking engine and we will arrange multiple contracts.


Video call to renew contract every 28 days

For rentals longer than one month every 28 days we will arrange a video call where we will review the condition of the car and check the mileage before renewing your contract remotely.


Mileage Limit

A mileage limit of 2,500 km per month (28 days) applies to monthly leases. Additional mileage will be charged at €0.28 per km.


Insurance Included

Insurance is included in the monthly contract. You are comprehensively insured for damage caused to the vehicle as well as damage or injury caused to a third party. A €250 excess applies for each individual incident during the lease. The lease holder is required to inform Budget Leasing Ireland of each individual incident and complete an incidient report form.

All customers should be aware they have a responsibility to take due care as insurance only covers accidental damage to the vehicle. Please note you the customer are liable when damage is due to your gross negligence or is deliberate.


Personal Use Only

The leased vehicle cannot be used for the carriage of passengers for hire and reward or for the use of delivery and collection of goods and services.


Additional Driver

One additional driver can be added when picking up the car for €100 per month. The additional driver must present their details in person at the point of pickup.


Driving Licence

Drivers must present a full valid unendorsed driving licence which they have held for a minimum of two years. The license should be issued in the drivers country of permanent residence and an English language translation should be provided where appropriate. 

UK driving licence holders should note that the paper part of your driving licence is no longer valid. We require all UK licence holders to present evidence of their driving record (entitlements/endorsements) before the vehicle can be rented. This can be obtained by printing it out from the DVLA’s ‘Share Driving Licence’ section - before you collect your vehicle. This must be printed within 21 days of your pickup date.

We reserve the right to ask pre-qualifying questions on your insurance history. You may be refused a vehicle based on the answers you provide.

Drivers with 2 or more unspent driving convictions or one unspent driving conviction from the list below will not be eligible to rent.

  • Careless, reckless or dangerous driving
  • Driving or attempting to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks
  • Theft or unauthorised taking of a vehicle

Drivers who have been disqualified (or anything similar) in the last 10 years will not be eligible to rent.

Failure to disclose any driving convictions may mean you are fully liable for damage caused to the leased vehicle or any third party.

Drivers must also have been eligible to hold a valid driving license for at least the number of years specified:

Mini 2 Door
Economy 2 Door
Compact 4 Door
Intermediate 4 Door
Fun Intermediate 4 Door
Full Size 4 Door
Full Size 4 Door (Guaranteed Diesel)
Economy Automatic 4 Door
Compact Automatic 4 Door
Intermediate Automatic 4 Door
Full Size Automatic 4 Door
Station Wagon
8 years
7 Seater People Carrier
Full Size 7 Seater People Carrier
Automatic 7 Seater People Carrier
10 years
Luxury Intermediate 4 Door
Luxury Full Size 4 Door
Audi Series A4, Q3 or similar
Intermediate SUV
Full Size SUV
Luxury SUV
Minibus Automatic
12 years

Customers over 75 years are eligible to rent with the following specific conditions:

  • They must drive regularly
  • They must provide us with a letter from their insurance company proving that they hold a current motor insurance policy and that they have been driving without having an accident for the last 5 years.
  • They must provide us with a letter from their doctor stating that they are in good health.
  • They may be required to undergo a driving assessment accompanied with a Budget representative.

Customers requiring further clarification of our licence requirements please email us at or call our reservations department at +353 (0) 90 66 27711.



Budget Car Leasing accept all major Credit Cards. The renter must present their Credit Card at the time of picking up the car. PIN enabled cards will require your PIN for authorisation. Debit Cards or specified value pre-paid Credit Cards will not be accepted.



Budget Car Leasing reserves the right to amend price structures without notice. Prices quoted at time of booking however are guaranteed. Internet rates cannot be used in conjunction with any offline offers.

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VAT (Sales Tax)

All prices quoted for car leasing and/or additional products/services include VAT (Sales Tax).


Cancellations and No-Shows

To cancel your booking email  us at or call our reservations department at +353 (0) 90 66 27711.

If you cancel 48 hours prior to your pickup time there will be no charge. Cancellation after this time or if you do not pick up the car will incur a fee of EUR €30.


Booking Amendments

There is no charge for this facility and a cancellation fee does not apply.



Customers who wish to extend their agreement may contact our reservations department at or +353 (0) 90 6627711 to confirm availability. Renters may be required to visit a station to sign the updated leasing agreement. Extra days will be charged based on the local rate at the time the extension is made.



For your convenience your car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel which you will be asked to pay for when picking up the car. If you return the car full you will be refunded the cost of the fuel.



Vehicle models illustrated on this site are for guidance only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that a vehicle from the group reserved is available, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative similar model.


Barrier Free Tolling on the M50 motorway

It is the renters responsibility to ensure all due tolls are paid within the correct time frame. The easiest way to pay your M50 toll is on


Traffic Violations

Renters are responsible for payment of any speeding, parking or other traffic related fines in addition to a fine administration fee of €30.


Cross Border Driving

If you wish to drive the car into Northern Ireland your lease will be subject to a cross border coverage fee of €34. Budget cars may not be taken outside the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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No Smoking Policy / Valeting Fee

Budget maintain high standards of vehicle cleanliness and operate a no smoking policy in all our vehicles. Customers who return a vehicle that is excessively dirty or that requires valeting due to tobacco smoke will be subject to a minimum fee of €100.